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FOOD Provenance, traceability and sustainability are at the heart of what we do. We recognise that great food starts with great ingredients, and we’ve established strong connections to all of our suppliers who provide us with the freshest, highest quality, seasonally driven produce they can source. 


Everything at FISHBOWL is made from scratch, every day, by us. Our team of chefs carefully break down and prepare nature’s food with minimal intervention and maximum love. The same goes for our dressings, we use a carefully selected range of local and Japanese ingredients to produce a delicate range of dressings free from any artificial flavour enhancers, refined sugars or anything funky added! You could say it’s our SECRET SAUCE! 


Always open and available. If you've got nothing to hide there’s no need hiding.

Good food often has a great story and we pride ourselves on being open about where and how we source our food as well as how we prepare it. It’s WHY all of our stores have open kitchens, and all of our mixers are front and centre - we love to celebrate the theatre of food! 


Our planet is capable of producing some amazing things but in order for it to stay that way, we need to ensure that we play our part. Sustainability informs every component of what we do, be it food, design or waste management. We can all contribute to a more sustainable ecosystem around food and FISHBOWL wants to be at the forefront of this conversation and change for good.