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Our story

FISHBOWL was founded in 2016 with a simple goal - change fast food, change the culture. Specialising in made to order salads with a Japanese twist, we sought to become a platform that could empower people to make healthier decisions by turning salads into a lifestyle. 


Change fast food / Change the culture

It’s a bold statement, but we recognise the significant role that fast food plays within our communities, and believe that challenging norms and perceptions around this will lead to positive cultural change. At FISHBOWL, we want to deliver the food that nature provided with minimal intervention and maximum care in a fun and authentic way. What begins with a beautiful product is complemented by design-driven spaces, curated music, bold personalities and cultural diversity. 

create something special

we began this journey with a goal to create beautiful salads and put them in a context that they didn't previously exist.

get better as we grow

we begin each day with this very mantra - always challenging ourselves, our product, and each other.

make every interaction matter

whether its our customers, our suppliers or each other, interact with purpose, kindness and humility.

make the culture better by making better food

for us, it starts with food, but the choices we make about food have far reaching effects

transparency, traceability, sustainability

The BIG 3! We want you to see the it, we want you to know where it came from and we want to ensure that it will be around for the long haul!


it’s a Japanese term with no direct english translate - but it means everything to us. Simply put, it refers to an intense dedication, devotion and respect to every detail of our craft.

founders nathan dalah, nic pestalozzi, Casper ettelson

founders nathan dalah, nic pestalozzi, Casper ettelson