Great food starts with great ingredients, and here at Fishbowl we strive to source the best quality produce and protein

delivered to stores each day to ensure freshness, because food tastes best when its made fresh, and made from scratch. Fishbowl sashimi masters break down whole fish each morning and throughout the day, so that only the finest and freshest sashimi make it in to our stores. We do our best to source from farmers and fishermen who adopt sustainable and best practice, so that the end result is one that tastes and feels delicious. 

Secondly, we believe that in order to create beautiful food the people making it need to care, and they need to be passionate. Our team at Fishbowl are carefully trained and educated about our food and our processes to maintain quality and consistency throughout our stores. We’re a friendly and ‘out there’ bunch, and we genuinely care about the food and the experience.